So what is ‘Acts From The Past’ all about?


Hi everyone.

Famous performing artists all over the world have websites, Facebook pages and goodness knows what else! They are very well documented on the internet. But… what about local acts from years gone-by? Great local performers who made a living from their act or just did the occasional gig for enjoyment. A lot of these acts are being forgotten about with no presence on the internet at all, not even a Facebook page.

I wanted to create a place on the internet where anybody is able to upload a profile of either their old act or an act that they just enjoyed watching so that there is a record of the local gigging scene for years to come.

So please feel free to hit the ‘add listing’ button (top right of the page or in the menu on mobiles) and add an act to our archive for future generations to see. You can upload all-sorts of information as well as old photos (10 maximum for now and please try to keep them small (ish)) and links to videos.

Oh… and it is a FREE service.

I hope you enjoy the website