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Way back when Russ BeBop & The Roadrunners were touring the UK and Europe hitting the western world with their very own brand of Rockabilly and Rhythm ‘n’ blues. . Well, that was up until a couple of years ago..

In comes Mike.. Previously known from the Manchester rock N roll club, The Nifty 50’s where he ran their website for quite some time. Mike had played drums for a while and discovered that he had itchy fingers.. He contacted Russ and asked if he fancied getting a band back together.. Well.. Russ didn’t need much convincing, all we needed as a bass man..

El Choppo cometh! Carl to his friends, from North Wales, and former bass man to The Twangmasters almost leapt down the phone when he was asked if he had any interest in forming a new band..

We looked at various names but decided on a twist on the original name so we decided to retain The Roadrunners, we kept it simple, and changed the “s” to a “z” and the birth (or rather rebirth) of The Roadrunnerz was complete.

Our music: Well, it’s a blend of rip roaring Rockabilly with a twist of Rhythm ‘n’ Blues for good measure. Pretty much as close to the original band as you can get, but with more fire in the furnace! We try not to copy songs and portray them as the original; we prefer to add our very own sound and impression, after all, the original is the original. Plus we have some self-penned numbers from Russ himself from his original band.

Additional Details

  • Performed at: Working Mens Clubs (WMC), Pubs, Private Functions, Hotels
  • Year Formed: 1989
  • Line-up / Members:Bass - Wayne Hopkins, Guitar/vocals - Russ Perdy, Drums - Stephen Wilde
  • Music Genre: Rockability
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