The Jimmie Ritchie Combo formed in 1960 as ‘Jimmy Ritchie and the Condors in Hackney, London. In 1962 after working successfully all over London and the home Counties we were offered 3 Contracts.

1. To do a package show with Nero and The Gladiators, The Crusaders etc.
2. To tour with and backing Roy Orbison.
3. To go to the German Clubs and Entertain mainly Americans.

We chose Germany. The music we played was ANYTHING that was popular at the time. I was given the Joe Brown and Rock and Roll material – that I loved. I played guitar in the group – along with Ken Ali – a fine Guitarist. But…we also (c/o me) had a lot of comedy in the band that we utilised to great effect to the Americans. The drummer (Dennis) and I were offered to join Chris Andrews – who was forming his OWN group. We joined Chris, after 5 months in Germany with the Jimmie Ritchie Band. We toured with Chris for a LONG while until he wanted to leave and go songwriting ….which we advised him NOT to do…the rest of us went back to the UK and called ourselves…”ME AND THEM“…we then added a Sax instead of the Piano.

We recorded for PYE Records…Tony Hatch was our A and R man’. Our last single, (given to us by the Beatles) only crept into the UK charts but did well in the States. Fortunately Chris Andrews came back into our lives with ‘Yesterday Man’. Did about 2 years with him again, then I reformed ‘ME AND THEM’ once more, leading to a very successful Solo career as a Comic.

Information kindly donated by Spencer K Gibbins (12/6/20)

Additional Details

  • Performed at:Holiday Parks, Working Mens Clubs (WMC), Pubs
  • Year Formed: 1960
  • Line-up / Members:Roy Hilleard (Vocalist) as Jimmy Ritchie, Dennis Herrington (Drums), Spencer K Gibbins (Guitar), Derek Whitman (Bass), Ken Ali (Guitar)
  • No. Of Years Active:4.5
  • Music Genre:Mix
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