The Clockwork Oranges was a four piece outfit and consisted of  Roger Cotton lead guitar and keyboards vocals, Robert Valentine rhythm guitar vocals, Harry Blakeley ( Ricky) bass guitar vocals, John Parish drums.

The band disbanded after Roger Cotton left to play in different  bands including The Band Wagon, The Brothers Grim, Peter Greens Splinter Group, John Mayall Blues Breakers, Paul Jones, Carlos Santana, Eric Bibb, Doctor Feelgood, and the Downliners sect, he also worked with Alan Glen, and Buddy Whittington Band.

He had his own recording studio in Horton Kirby until his death in 2016.

Additional Details

  • Music Genre:Mix
  • No. Of Years Active:3
  • Year Formed: 1964
  • Performed at: Working Mens Clubs (WMC), Pubs, Private Functions, Theatres, Other
  • Line-up / Members:Roger Cotton, Robert Valentine, Harry Blakeley, John Parish.
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