Telephone were formed out of a previous line up called Shooter. I cannot remember why Danny had left Telephone, but I’d known Brendan since we were 19 and after the line up in the photo, I ended up doing the drumming for around a year. During that time, Chris McPherson the singer, ended up doing auditions for Rainbow and then we did some recording at Radio Luxembourg for songs that very nearly ended up in the Eurovision song contest.

Telephone split and Chris had a single out called Brand New Song whilst Ric and Jimmy Bell (the guitarist) moved down to Hastings and formed a band who landed a record deal called The Breathers, who I also ended doing some tour drumming for. I think Jimmy might still be down there and the last I heard was that Ric had settled in South Wales and was doing some writing. Sadly, Chris Mcpherson died in 2014 after a long illness. Me, I ended up being the drummer in the East Side Torpedoes and then a load of other bands when that ended in the mid-eighties.

Information kindly donated by David E.Buoy 17/10/20

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