Joey Blower (real name Mike Simmons) is a comedian based in Blackpool.

Joey has spent the best part of 30 years performing, compering and doing stand-up comedy in Blackpool. The majority of this time devoted to his comedy show at the Merrie England bar on the North Pier, Blackpool where one of his most popular events was Pubstars.

Described as a bit naughty at times but totally truthful Joey has raised over £1million for charities including Cancer research and also hosted the world famous Blackpool Illuminations switch on for five years. He has been Master of Ceremonies for White Collar Boxing and host for Lancashire wooden spoon for six years AND IS FEATURED ON THE Blackpool Comedy Carpet.

Joey briefly owned the bar, Sugar Sugar in Cleveleys, Lancashire from 2004.

In 2016 Joey raised almost £150,000 for charity by encouraging people to shave their heads. He encouraged random people as well as his audience at the Merrie England bar on North Pier Blackpool to get up on stage and get their head shave in aid of Cancer Research. He had been doing this since 2006.

“It all started in 2006. I was on stage and a man with a comb-over was in who was a regular. I remembered I had a set of barber’s clippers in my car so I said I was going to shave his hair off and he replied saying I could if it was for charity, so right there and then it became a regular weekly part of the show.”

Blower bought Fleetwood pier in 2007 for £600,000 in the hope of turning it into 85 luxury flats but the plans were turned down and the pier was boarded up. Unfortunately the pier was destroyed by accidental fire in September 2008. Joey remarked “The plan for flats was not to everyone’s taste but at least the pier would have been retained. I love piers”

Blower’s contract for the Merrie England Bar expired in 2019. He has now taken his show to the ever popular Viva Blackpool.

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