“Funkee Jungle was born out of the band Rosa Rugosa when singer Caroline Murphy became a mum. 1st incarnation: Roger Cartwright vocals & guitar; Alan Pill bass; Simon Cox keyboards; Mike Beck drums.

It started in 1990 & built a following pretty quickly. There were quite a lot of gigs as a 3-piece without keyboards too, later (’94/’95?) Joe Orban became keyboard player.

We played a handful of original numbers but were known for covering Hendrix/Doors/Santana/Pink Floyd/Led Zep etc.

Roger & I were both regulars with Nick Unlimited (occasionally Mike too) at the same time/previously/& later. I’d started playing guitar with Nick in ’87, initially as a replacement for Roger (you’ll have to ask him when he started with Nick) but sometime after his return in ’88 I made a move from guitar to bass, which later that year prompted Roger to ask me to join Rosa Rugosa to replace Ab Wilson.

In ’93 I remember a few FJ gigs where Tony & George came to check us out. They were only looking for a guitarist at that time but after seeing us a few times they realised we were a tight team.

Although Cowboys & Angels began in Summer ’93 (rehearsing upstairs at Barry Eastwood’s ‘The Star’ whilst the 1st section of The Big One was being built directly overhead) Funkee Jungle were still in high demand and continued regular gigs for the next couple of years or so, which may well have been frowned upon in the rest of the C&A camp!

As 2000 progressed for the reformed Cowboys & Angels, Tony found he had other commitments so some bookings were honoured by a reformed (with Joe) Funkee Jungle!”

Alan Pill 12/8/2020

Additional Details

  • Performed at: Pubs
  • Year Formed: 1990
  • Line-up / Members:Roger Cartwright vocals & guitar; Alan Pill bass; Simon Cox keyboards; Mike Beck drums, (later) Joe Orban - Keys
  • No. Of Years Active:?
  • Music Genre:Mix, Rock, Pop
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