They were very big as a comedy show group throughout the 70s in northern working mens clubs. Lead singer/comedian Fredddie Phillips was just terrific, I can only describe him as being like Ken Dodd on acid. Great one line jokes and daft impressions . When the band broke up in 1980 (ish), Fred went on to front his own band called Freddies Beano. My guess is because of financial reasons, and later was part of a comedy threesome named Gagattack, although i never saw that particular act.. When the band split with Freddie, they became The Beano Band, although not to any success. Word is that Freddie may have moved abroad but they were definataly the best comedy show group i ever saw.

They changed their name to Freddie’s beanos in the 80s then Freddie left the band and went solo as a comedian. They also did Eurovision in the 80s under the name scrambled.

They were called ‘Reason Why’ initially but changed their name to Beano for the songs in Europe.

Additional Details

  • Performed at: Working Mens Clubs (WMC), TV
  • Year Formed: 1970
  • Line-up / Members:Freddy Phillips,
  • No. Of Years Active:10
  • Music Genre:Mix
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